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Reflexology Medway - A Non-Invasive Complementary Therapy

Reflexology is one of the fastest growing complementary therapies in the UK and a core treatment here at The Mason Clinic. Reflexology can help relieve pain, tension and improve circulation. It is said to promote the natural function improving the general feeling of well being. Often used to complement traditional medicine; some cancer sufferers  turn to reflexology to counter the side effects of their invasive treatment.

“For as long as I can remember  I’ve suffered anxiety attacks and stressful headaches. I had long accepted this to be a normal state of affairs and that my life would be like this forever.  Since having reflexology at your clinic, the difference it has made to my health is remarkable. I am writing to say I will miss our fortnightly sessions but I am looking forward to my new life in Australia. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you all, I will miss you.”
Lisa Summers, Chatham (now Perth)
“At 35 years of age I had come to accept that I would be living with pain for the rest of my life. However after just a handful of sessions I now feel fit for anything. I had truly forgotten what it was like to feel well until I tried your therapy. Thankfully the depression I was suffering,  a by-product of my condition, is now also on the mend too and I’m really excited for what the future now holds. I really can’t thank you enough, you’ve been fantastic.”
Andy Hawkins, Maidstone

Reflexology Medway - Strong Links to the East

Reflexology has its roots in the East. Evidence suggests  forms of reflexology were practised in ancient  Egypt, India and China. Although nobody is certain, reflexology is thought to work in a similar way to acupuncture helping the body to re-balance its energy flow or Qi (Chee). Pressure is applied to specific points of the feet and hands which are ‘mapped’ to specific parts of the body, restoring function to those parts.

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Reflexology Medway - Reflexology at The Mason Clinic

Reflexology Medway - Reflexology for Maidstone, Chatham, Rochester and other Medway townsOur reflexologists don’t claim to be able to cure all however a  number of disorders have been successfully treated using this therapy.

These include back pain, sinus problems, migraine, tension and stress related issues, fertility problems, baby inducement, hormonal imbalances, breathing, digestive and circulatory problems.

The majority of our patients find their treatment beneficial and relaxing.

The Mason Clinic

Treatment Room - The Mason Clinic - Reflexology Medway
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Reflexology Medway - What You Can Expect

Reflexology Medway - The Mason Clinic in Chatham - close to Maidstone and the other Medway townsOn your first visit to our Chatham clinic, our reflexologist will undertake a detailed review of your medical history. You will then be asked to remove your shoes and socks and then be seated in a reclining position. You won’t be asked to remove anymore clothing.

Our reflexologist will examine your feet before starting a firm and precise massaging motion with either thumb or fingers. You are likely to feel local areas of tenderness. These areas correspond with parts of the body that are out of balance.

The degree of tenderness will be an indicator of how out of balance the corresponding part of the body actually is. Sensitivity varies from person to person but the whole process should not be too uncomfortable.

We Are Conveniently Situated

Reflexology Medway – The Mason Clinic is ideally situated for patients living in the Medway region.

  • Maidstone – 5 miles
  • Sittingbourne – 10 miles
  • Rochester – 2 miles
  • Gravesend – 9 miles
  • Gillingham – 3 miles
  • Chatham – 1 mile
  • Aylesford – 5 miles
  • Walderslade – 2 miles
  • West Malling – 9 miles
  • M20 junction 6 – 5 Miles
  • M2 junction 3 – 2 miles