How homeopathy helps in pregnancy

Homeopathy is a wonderful medicine to take during pregnancy, says our homeopath Suzy Cain.

It’s safe to take since the remedies are all made of very dilute substances, which means you are not taking physical doses of chemicals or toxins. In fact, I read recently that in France (where homeopathy is readily available over the counter in pharmacies) around 80 per cent of pregnant women use homeopathy.

So there is no need to suffer with allergies or hay fever, morning sickness, heartburn or cramps or any of the other problems you might experience during pregnancy – there are homeopathic remedies available that may help alleviate your symptoms.

I have been practising homeopathy for the last 15 years and love treating women from pre-conception right through to after the labour and birth. I fell in love with homeopathy after using it throughout both my pregnancies when I saw what an amazingly gentle system of healing it is. Suzy Cain LCPH MHMA

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