How we test for intolerances

Food intolerance testing using a kinesiology muscle testing method is a quick and painless way to determine which foods and environmental factors are causing your body to react, says Mason Clinic homeopath Suzy Cain.

The results are obtained on the day, so you can start looking at your lifestyle and diet straight away. You are welcome to bring anything you would like to test: special foods, make up, cleaning products, house dust and so on, to test alongside my comprehensive tester kit including items such as wheat, gluten, cow’s milk and pollens. If you would like to check if I have a certain substance, please call or email to ask.

The appointment lasts up to two hours and a treatment plan will be devised using homeopathic remedies, desensitisation remedies and supplements if necessary. The cost is £85 for adults and £65 for children, and includes the cost of the report and homeopathic remedies. Desensitisation remedies and supplements are not included in this price. For further information or to book please call the Mason Clinic on 01634 842583 or Suzy on 07972 160 659.