Summer Health

With the Summer upon us it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re staying active with a cycle ride or going for a run or just spending time in the open air with your family camping enjoying a barbecue, the last thing you want is for aches and pains to spoil your fun. Here are five things to remember to keeps those summer strains at bay…

1. Leave your flip-flops at home

While they have their advantages on the beach, flip-flops are not yur back’s best friend. The flat base offers no support and the toes are often used to grip the surface to keep them on your foot. Best pick up a pair of suitable beach shoes that have an arch to support the shape of your foot and avoid the horror that is this summer footwear that can cause ankle, leg, knee and back problems.

2. Don’t over-pack your suitcase

Only pack what you need for your break – remember, whatever you pack, you are going to be carrying about. Pack the amount that you can easily lift. You are likely to be lifting it in out of the boot or on and off of the airport carousel after all. Perhaps consider investing in a case with wheels but make sure you change hands if you are pulling it a long way to avoid twisting your back.

3. Make sure you are comfortable in your hire car

When you pick up your hire car don’t be afraid the alter the seat and mirrors so you are comfortable. If you have a long drive ahead the last thing you need is to be sat in a position which could cause you pain when you arrive at your holiday destination. Not that we don’t want to see your holiday snaps, but taking a few minutes to make some adjustments can prevent you needing to come and see us straight from the airport.

4. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated keeps our bodies working at their best. It is essential to keep our kidneys working to remove waste from our bodies.It also helps energy levels and brain function. So fill up your reusable water bottle, keep it at arm’s reach and remember to top it up if you’re getting low.

5. Keep laughing and make memories

The old saying goes that laughter is the best medicine and it’s not far wrong. Spending time laughing and making memories with our loved ones releases lots of endorphins which lift our mood. Spend time this summer away from the daily grind and focus on nothing more than having fun with friends and family.

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