Homeopathy can help new mums

Homeopathy comes into its own after you have had a baby, says homeopath Suzy Cain. This can be a difficult time if it is your first baby, as it is all new. Your body looks and behaves differently and you might be feeling emotional or a little bit depressed, plus you now have a new life totally dependent on you! You might even feel like you’ve lost your own identity … Then there can be the added physical problems of the sore, cracked, nipples, mastitis, not enough milk or trying to dry up the supply.

The most amazing thing about homeopathy is it works on your physical symptoms as well as any emotional issues. You may have had a traumatic birth or it brings up situations from the past … remedies and talking through this in your sessions can help change how you feel about the past, the present and the future – and alleviating physical symptoms at the same time. How amazing is that!

It is safe to take remedies whilst breastfeeding, but bear in mind that everything you take will pass to your baby as well, so I would advise that you see a homeopath to select the best remedies and potency for the two of you.