What to expect when you visit an Osteopath

If you haven’t visited an Osteopath before you may feel a little daunted about what to expect when you attend your first appointment.

Before the osteopath starts to treat you, they will make a full medical assessment. First the osteopath will take a detailed case history and test the mobility in areas of the body. The Osteopath may take your blood pressure and check your reflexes as part of the testing.

What happens next?

Following a careful diagnosis, a variety of applied manipulative procedures are used to release areas of mechanical stress and therefore improve blood supply and drainage to an area. Many of these techniques are extremely gentle and rarely painful.

The Osteopath might use gentle soft tissue techniques, joint mobilizations, visceral techniques or cranial techniques also known as cranial Osteopathy.

Osteopaths can also offer prevention advice. These can include breathing techniques, exercises and nutrition advice.

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